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In the area of renewable energy sources, our organization works with individuals, businesses, public and private institutions, and other investors. Your solar's functionality and appearance are important to us. The leading solar energy solution provider in Karachi, Mechatronics, takes great delight in making sure that every solar system installation we complete is worthy of the house it is on. With over ten years of experience in solar and electrical contracting, we install solar for your home using expert methods and procedures.

For your developments, Mechatronics can define, design, install, and commission renewable energy solutions. The business has actual experience carrying out turnkey projects as either a stand-alone undertaking or as a component of a larger construction project as an independent consultancy.

We can create renewable energy projects at every level of the process, from resource analyses and site selection through procurement assistance and project monitoring.

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2012 - 2022

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Each customer's specific needs are taken into account when designing mechatronics. The system consists of solar panels, mounting frameworks, inverters, and a battery bank for a backup system after nightfall.

Solar Maintenance Services

How do I maintain my solar panels to achieve optimal electricity generation is a common question Mechatronics receives from solar power plant operators. Solar owners should constantly be looking for ways to improve revenue while lowering costs, just like with any asset that generates income. To maximise your return on investment, maintain your solar panels operating at their highest level of efficiency. When kept up properly, solar panels can survive for many years. Solar servicing, maintenance, operations, asset management, battery backup, and off-grid/on-grid/hybrid O&M services are all offered by Mechatronics. For instance, the solar power plants in our portfolio that generate energy for current customers typically produce it at a rate between 100% and 105% of what is anticipated.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Quality Material

High Quality Material is used for the satisfaction of our customer.

Increase Home Value

 Adding a solar energy system will probably raise the value of your house.

Control Over Electricity

In addition to being sold to the electricity network, excess power can also be stored in batteries.

Cost Efficient

Going to solar will shield you from constantly rising energy prices and result in financial rewards and cheaper monthly utility bills.

One Time Investment

Only a solar power system gives  the opportunity to lower monthly electricity costs and make a long-term, low-risk investment.


We Ensure our customer the product warranty in any case if a problem arise in product it will be replaced to new one

Our Method

We are passionate about solar power at Mechatronics. We may take advantage of that renewable energy for as long as the sun rises, and it is entirely green and clean. To assist you in determining whether solar is appropriate, our qualified team is here for your residence, company and industry.

First step: load and requirement Analysis – First, using our online solar enquiry form or phone calls, we gather the information you wished to run on solar. We give you specific system information, product details, and ROI during the discussion.

Second step : Quotation – We offer a thorough, customised proposal with individualised performance data, payback graphs, and return-on-investment numbers for the system’s lifetime.

Third step : Site Review – After receiving written approval of the presented proposal, we meet with you at your premises to review your power bills and go over your needs. We’ll ascertain your needs, inform you of your savings potential, and assist you with any inquiries you might have. We’ll also determine how to optimally arrange the panels on your roof. It is simple, easy, and cost-free.

Fourth step: Project starts – The project begins in the fifth phase once the building has been constructed, which usually takes one week. We then deliver the goods the same day to your doorstep and begin installation. Small projects under 5 kWp typically finish in one or two days, given ideal weather. After the installation is complete, we carry out the commissioning and testing process, conduct the required compliance checks, and hand over the equipment paperwork.

Fifth step – Quality Insurance – To guarantee dependable performance, we conduct rigorous commissioning and testing.

Sixth step – Guideline – We provide you with a training session regarding your system’s safety tips, how and when to clean the panel, management software use and understanding, and system troubleshooting, all of which assure dependable performance.

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