Off-Grid Residential Solar Solution

Heavy load-shedding and associated per-unit cost, which is typically unjustified, as well as peak hours double units charged by the electricity provider all result from Pakistan's electricity scarcity. With an off-grid solar system, you can save money, say goodbye to load shedding, and cut back on peak hour usage.
The electricity requirements of medium- to large-sized residences are catered for by an off-grid solar system. Off-grid solar systems, in contrast to grid-tied solar systems, are not required to be connected to the utility grid during the day and must generate all the electricity required to power your home, with just a minimal amount of backup during load-shedding.

Solar power systems that are off the grid run on battery power. Power is produced using solar panels to charge the battery bank. Your off-grid solar system needs to be appropriately designed to supply your daily energy requirements and restore the stored energy that was drawn from the battery bank.​

We can create renewable energy projects at every level of the process, from resource analyses and site selection through procurement assistance and project monitoring. Solar panels are seen as renovations, much like a refurbished kitchen or a finished basement. Consequently, adding a solar energy system will probably raise the value of your house.


Residential Solar Services Off-Grid

The following off-grid residential solar services are available for your home from Mechatronics.


System design, energy production unit generation, and Return on Investment estimates are all included in the feasibility study.

Aid in creating applications and paperwork for connection approval Systems installation and commissioning in compliance with customer needs and industry best practises.

Offer maintenance and operations support to guarantee peak performance.

For a system with a long lifespan, use high-quality solar modules and tested inverter brands.



In the Pakistani market, only Mechatronics is capable of providing turnkey solar and storage solutions for clients with residential, commercial, and utility-scale needs. Mechatronics has established a reputation as the go-to supplier for some of Pakistan's biggest and most complicated renewable energy projects thanks to an internal workforce and a committed operations staff that continuously monitors our systems in real-time.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons For People Choosing Us

Quality Material

High Quality Material is used for the satisfaction of our customer.

Increase Home Value

 Adding a solar energy system will probably raise the value of your house.

Control Over Electricity

In addition to being sold to the electricity network, excess power can also be stored in batteries.

Cost Efficient

Going to solar will shield you from constantly rising energy prices and result in financial rewards and cheaper monthly utility bills.

One Time Investment

Only a solar power system gives  the opportunity to lower monthly electricity costs and make a long-term, low-risk investment.


We Ensure our customer the product warranty in any case if a problem arise in product it will be replaced to new one

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