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Residential Solar

The electricity requirements of medium- to large-sized residences are catered for by an off-grid solar system. Off-grid solar systems are not required to be connected to the utility grid during the day and must generate all the electricity required to power your home.

Commercial Solar

Affordable complete solar systems for membrane or torch down roofs, standing metal seam, corrugated steel, concrete, ballasted solar systems, and other kinds of flat roof solar mounting structures.

Solar Street light

In Pakistan, the use of solar street lights has grown significantly during the past few years. Not only does it reduce your existing electricity costs, but it also protects the environment and promotes the usage of solar power.

Wind Energy

With more than 250,000 MW deployed globally, wind energy is one of the renewable energy markets with the quickest growth. A mature and reasonably priced technology, wind turbines come in a variety of sizes, from tiny models with a few hundred watts to massive ones with many megawatts.

Micro Grid

Solar microgrids are connected power "grids" or networks. Consider it similar to how you and your neighbours share a network to receive power. The system collects, stores, and provides clean electricity to an entire town using energy produced by the sun.


In Pakistan, where agriculture is the backbone of the economy, there are still many locations with extremely fertile soil, but farming is either very difficult or highly expensive due to the lack of an electric supply.

Solar Inspection


Ensuring there is nothing broken, no cracks on the solar panel laminate, no damage on the frame, all the fixing/installation/drain/grounding holes, junction box, and anything else required in the product specifications, must be present.